Jerry Convis

As you pull up to the beautiful home that sits on the amazing vista of Spin Lake near Danvers, Illinois, you can feel the peace and tranquility the setting brings. It also brings a deeper understanding of why being ‘home’ as you age is ever so important—not just for your health, but also for your soul. This case is especially true for veteran Jerry Convas and his partner Linda Sigler.

Jerry has enjoyed the view from his beautiful Spin Lake home for almost 40 years now and doesn’t plan on it changing anytime soon. Serving more than 20 years in the Army, he has traveled and lived around the world, but home is where he wants to stay—surrounded by his military memorabilia and the wall of medals he has earned.

Jerry has a myriad of medical challenges, from mobility to diabetes, and Linda has always been able to assist him with his needs, until recently. A year-and-a-half ago Linda was diagnosed with cancer and, subsequently, her ability to provide for Jerry’s daily needs has diminished. With Linda ill and Jerry needing more and more help, his doctor recommended YWCA McLean County Home Care Services.

“YWCA Home Care has reduced my anxiety about how I am going to get the simple things done, like washing dishes or making dinner,” said Linda. “I hate to keep asking friends and family for help. Being sick for so long you get burned out, you get tired and frustrated. YWCA has come in and eased that up. It’s been wonderful.”

YWCA Home Care came to Jerry and Linda’s home for a free assessment and after a needs assessment and details were worked out, staff worked hard to find a perfect fit for their needs. With a great personality and cooking expertise, home care aide Pat was the solution.

Jerry has also been able to use YWCA to help him get to yearly appointments at the VA hospital in Peoria. “They got me safely there,” said Jerry, “got me in and out of the building.” The ‘one-stop shop’ is an appealing benefit for those who need a little or a lot of extra help.

Pat cooks for both Jerry and Linda and does anything else she is asked.

“It was hard to find someone who could cook and provide our required gluten-free diet,” shared Jerry.

Pat helps Jerry with some personal care and making his bed. She is always there when needed and provides three to five nights of service each week. The flexible contract and no minimum hours help because Jerry and Linda can call at the last minute for extra help or are able to trim the hours if needed.

“You don’t feel like Pat’s a hired helper,” both Jerry and Linda echoed.

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