Social Action and Advocacy are the cornerstones of YWCA. Since our inception almost 150 years ago, “service” has been linked to “action.”  In communities across the United States, YWCAs continue to work to improve social and economic conditions for all people. As the nation’s oldest and largest national movement, YWCA is comprised of over 300 local associations, regional leadership and a national office in Washington D.C. -  who all work together, across the nation to strengthen our voices in the nation’s capital and in state and local governments.


YWCA brings firsthand knowledge of how federal-level policies and programs affect women, girls and their families in communities across the country. Historically, YWCA has fought for issues such as the abolition of child labor, the 8-hour workday and desegregation.

Today, YWCA carries on their long tradition in social action and advocacy to meet the twin goals of women and girl’s empowerment and racial justice.