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Language around Immigration

This video covers Language centered around Immigration.

Pink Tax

This video covers the fascinating concept of "Pink Tax," the tendency for products marketed specifically toward women to be more expensive than those marketed for men.

Imposter Syndrome

1/11 – Impostor Syndrome – Learn more about how and why self-doubt creeps into our self-talk in the workplace and beyond. We will discuss the ways that society shapes the ways we treat ourselves and share tips on identifying and challenging impostor syndrome.

What is a Snowflake?

We at YWCA are feeling festive and reflective! Have you ever wondered where the term "snowflake" came from and how its meaning has changed over the years? Let's find out together for this week's "Think About It Thursday"

Unpacking Vaccine Hesitancy

For this week’s “Think About it Thursday,” we invite you to unpack some of the messaging around the COVID vaccine and see how the pandemic has become political.

Standing Against Victim Blaming

YWCA Mclean County stands with Jelani Day and all those who have been affected by violence and a systemic disregard for the value of Black lives. This video seeks to amplify the need for more intentional coverage of the disproportionate impact of violence on Black and indigenous peoples in the United States. A celebration of Jelani Day’s life was held Thursday, October 7th, 2021 at Illinois State University.

Introducing Critical Race Theory

Learn about CRT (Critical Race Theory), a topic increasingly discussed in popular media.

Overpolicing of Black Children

This week's "Think About it Thursday" invites you to learn how the over-policing of Black children leads to lifelong disenfranchisement for Black communities. We invite you to think about and share ways you can support Black students and their educators in our community.

On Texas SB8/Heartbeat Act

September 2021 saw Texas legislature attack a woman's right to choose through the passage of SB8, or the Texas Heartbeat Act. Tune in to this week's "Think About It Thursday" to learn more about the facts of bill and how it strategically persecutes women and incentivizes citizens to accuse and prosecute each other without any need for evidence.

Hispanic Heritage

September is Hispanic Heritage Month. Learn more about the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States:

Other Previous Trainings

Exploring the Gender Pay Gap

Just Mercy Book Discussion

Join us as we discuss the book Just Mercy and consider how systemic discrimination based on race and class affects the justice system.

The Just Mercy book group is part of Illinois State University’s Center for Civic Engagement's series on Exploring Wicked Problems: Community Safety and Justice and is supported by Fell Trust grant funds.

Exploring Black History Month

In 2021, Black people in the United States are still fighting for equal rights. Why is that? During this presentation, we will examine the history of rights for Black people over the last century. We will also explore what current inequalities are affecting Black people and how local organizations are making change.

Exploring Homelessness

The United States is commonly referred to as “one of the richest nations in the world.” Yet, we have over 600,000 people who are currently experiencing homelessness. During this presentation, we will discuss who homelessness is affecting and why. In addition, we will take a look at how homelessness affects our local community and provide resources.

Exploring Microaggressions

During this presentation, we will discuss what microaggressions are, the different types of microaggressions, and the harm microaggressions cause. Some examples of microaggressions are “Wow! You are so well-spoken.” and “Do you have an easier name I can call you?”

Exploring Voter Suppression

During this presentation, we will explore the history of voting rights, voter suppression, and how it continues today. We will ask the question ‘why have specific populations not had the right to vote from the beginning?’ These specific populations include people of color, people with disabilities, and women.

Exploring Indigenous History

In this presentation, we will discuss the history of Indigenous people. Indigenous folks have endured a long history of violence and continue to experience it. We will focus on issues such as land rights, health, and employment. For allies, we will identify ways to support Indigenous people.

Exploring Disability Rights in Our Community

In this presentation, we will focus on the struggles that people with disabilities face in our community. We will identify issues facing our community of people with disabilities, such as transportation.

Exploring Our Immigration System

During this presentation, we will identify the faults in the immigration system, such as wait times and quotas. We will discuss how this system impacts immigrants and communities.

Exploring the School to Prison Pipeline

During this presentation, we will define and examine the school to prison pipeline. We will explore the topics of zero-tolerance policies, school resource officers, and how students are funneled from schools to jails. We will discuss how students are affected and proposed solutions to end the school to prison pipeline.

Presence, Pride and Passion: A History of African Americans in McLean County

Very little history of African American life and culture in McLean County had been documented prior to the 1930s. Due to the work of the Bloomington-Normal Back History Project and the McLean County Museum of History, the Museum was able to form the basis of the exhibit, Presence, Pride, & Passion: A History of African Americans in McLean County through an outstanding collection of African American artifacts, primary resources, and oral histories. Today we can now share those rich stories with the greater community. Join us to hear the stories of McLean County residents Dr. Eugene Covington, Willis Stearles, and Caribel Washington.

Virtual Town Hall: Discussion on Ending Money Bond

Join us to learn about the Pre-Trial Fairness Act, which will eliminate cash bail in Illinois and give arresting officers more authority to choose the most appropriate situation for people awaiting trial.

Understanding Fair Tax

YWCA McLean County has partnered with Yes for Fair Tax for this presentation.

Everyone benefits from Fair Tax reform—but we can only win if everyone’s involved. Join Us for a Virtual Event to Learn More About Fair Tax and How You Can Help the Fair Tax Campaign in Your Community!

We will talk about the nuts and bolts of Fair Tax, answer questions you may have, and talk about how you can support Fair Tax so that we win in November.

Voting in a Pandemic: What you need to know

Join YWCA McLean County, League of Women Voters McLean County, and guest speakers Tim Mitchell, Executive Director, Bloomington Election Commission and Kathy Michaels, McLean County Clerk to discuss the changes in voting this year, including voting by mail, how to register and find out if your polling place will be open. A question and answer session will follow the presentation.

This event is over, but you can view a recorded version of the webinar below.

Be Smart

YWCA has partnered with Moms Demand Action McLean County to present Be Smart. The Be SMART framework is designed to help parents and adults normalize conversations about gun safety and take responsible actions that can prevent child gun deaths and injuries. A question and answer session will follow the presentation.

Registration has closed for this event. If you would like to attend a future event or schedule one for your organization or workplace, please email us and we will contact you when the next webinar is scheduled.

You can also view a recorded version of the webinar below.

Cage of Oppression

This presentation will be centered around an activity called Cage of Oppression. We will look at how the U.S. society is organized around human difference, using a macro lens. During this presentation, we will define terms such as privilege, oppression, and different forms of –isms (racism, sexism, etc.).In addition, we will examine our personal relationship with the Cage of Oppression and discuss how this cage is supported and what we can do to break free from it.

You can also view a recorded version of the webinar below.