Meet the Team

YWCA McLean County benefits from a diverse and unique group of leaders, specializing in various areas. From Program Directors to the Board of Directors, YWCA is lucky to have such skilled, talented and passionate individuals living the mission of eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity every day.


D. Dontae Latson



Liz German

Vice President of Operations


Melissa Breeden

Senior Director,
Young Wonders


Vicki Hightower

Senior Director,
Adult Services


Hilary Pacha

Senior Director, Prevention & Empowerment Services

Kara Alt 2017_web

Kara Alt

Director, Client Services, Stepping Stones

Gabe Cripe 2017_web

Gabe Cripe

Director, Community Outreach, Stepping Stones


Christy Germanis

Director, Marketing and Public Relations

Kelsie Langheim_web

Kelsie Langheim

Director, Client Services, Stepping Stones


Perry Mayer

Director, Building Operations


Monica Rondone

Director, Finance

Nathina Williams 2017_web

Nathina Williams

Director, Young Wonders Early Learning


Alicia Whitworth

Director, Philanthropy

Board of Directors

The YWCA McLean County Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the operations of YWCA McLean County. Responsibilities include maintaining a commitment to the mission and vision of YWCA, establishing strategic direction, ensuring compliance with all applicable legal requirements, and maintaining financial well-being of YWCA McLean County.

Please send all board correspondence to

YWCA McLean County, Attn: Board of Directors
1201 North Hershey Road
Bloomington, IL  61704


Barbara Taft, Board Chair

Holly Ambuehl
Vijeyta Bhatia
Mary Campbell

Kentrica Coleman
Chemberly Cummings

Rachel Hatch
Linda Kimber
Tiffany Lawson-Grant

Dawn Carlson, Board Treasurer

Ashley Leffler
Frances Maddox

Kay Printy Moss

Ann Perry

Feli Sebastian

Deana Turner