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Helping You Stay Active Through Volunteering

“Thank you so much for the snacks you provided for my 1st grade class this year. Your donations filled a gap in our classroom this year and we are grateful. I always provide some sort of snack, but your contribution allowed me to spend more of my money on large floor puzzles, Mobilo blocks for indoor recess days, and prizes for the treasure chest. Thanks so much for thinking of us! When you’re six years old and hungry, it’s hard to focus on reading! So, somewhere down the line, you helped an entire class of 1st graders learn to read! :)”


~ Cynthia Williams, Bent Elementary School

AmeriCorps is the federal agency connecting individuals and organizations through service and volunteering to tackle the nation’s most pressing challenges.

We help those age 55 and older put their skills and life experiences to work for their community by facilitating volunteering through carefully matched placement and providing follow-up support. We are the one-stop resource for our volunteers offering a variety of opportunities with our not for profit agencies. A few examples are; sewing, food pantries, carpentry, tour guides, ushers/greeters, mailings/assemble packets, just to name a few. In addition to serving our agencies we have three priority areas that we focus on:

Multi-generational Focus

In 2020 RSVP launched Multi-generational education with YWCA Young Wonders. Our theme is ‘Full STEAM Ahead - Pass on Your Passion!’

Volunteers can do a variety of activities with children age 3 – 12, such as assist with reading, tutoring, arts and crafts, and be a ‘Pen Pal’. Melissa Breeden, VP of Education and Curriculum states, 

"Multi-generational activities are beneficial to all individuals involved. RSVP volunteers have a chance to share their vast knowledge and experience with children in a variety of ways, including educational activities. Children benefit because, naturally, they look up older adults and respond well to their guidance and support."

We also partner with local agencies to promote and support interaction between members of different generations.

Nutrition for Low-Income Families

We partner with local schools to ensure children are not going without food during the school day. The teachers allow healthy snacks either in the morning or afternoon and many families are not able to provide their child with a snack. This is where RSVP comes in and supplements the classrooms in need so that no child is without a snack.

Veterans and Active Military

Our goal is to identify and help with food/nutrition to local veteran and active military. We currently partner with Operation Santa, the largest stocking drive in the nation with volunteers from 50 states. Our volunteers sew stockings and donate food items and other supplies needed to fill the stockings. We plan to assist local agencies that reach out to veterans and active military in our community.

Volunteer Appreciation

We host several events throughout the year to thank our volunteers for what they do in our community and recognize milestones such as years of service and hours served. This is a great way to hear what our volunteers do and the impact they have with the agencies we partner with.

Contact us at (309) 662-0461, ext. 234 to learn how you can get involved! RSVP is housed and managed through YWCA McLean County.