Unit 5 Prevention Education: 4th & 5th Grade Key Concepts

Day 1

Introduction and Safety with Strangers 

  • Introduction 
    • Stepping Stones helps people who have been hurt
    • The presenter will be teaching safety rules to keep you safe
    • Define the word safety
    • Give examples of safety rules
  • Strangers 
    • Define “strangers” as people we do not know
    • If a stranger asks us to go somewhere or take something, say no and tell a grown up
  • Safe Adults 
    • Identify safe adults. 
      • Parents, teachers, coaches, family members 
  • Unsafe Adults  
    • Identify unsafe adults 
      • Adults that may try to trick you or ask you to keep unsafe secrets 


Students will apply the information learned, by discussing the second step scenarios.


Day 2

Safe and Unsafe Touches 

  • Review previous lesson
  • Safe touches 
    • Touches that make us feel good, happy, and safe 
    • Hugs, high fives, handshakes 
  • Unsafe touches 
    • Touches that hurt our bodies or feelings 
    • Punch, kick, push, trip 
    • Use the safety steps when responding to unsafe touches 
  • Unwanted touches 
    • Touches that we do not want or make us feel uncomfortable 
    • Explain that sometimes safe touches can be unwanted, like a hug from a stranger 
    • Use the safety steps when responding to unwanted touches 
  • Safety steps 
    • Stand up tall, use a strong voice, have a serious face on 
    • Say words that mean no! 
    • Get away as fast as you can  
    • Tell a safe adult what has happened. Continue to tell an adult until they help 


Students will apply the information learned, by discussing the second step scenarios


Day 3

Touching Rule 

  • Review previous lessons 
  • “No one should touch my private body parts, except to keep me clean and healthy.” 
  • Identify private body parts as the parts of our body covered by a swimming suit 
  • Identify activities we do to stay clean and healthy 
    • Bathe, brush teeth, exercise, eat fruits and vegetables, drink water 
  • Identify the people who help us stay clean and healthy 
    • Parents, teachers, coaches, doctors 
  • Identify when someone might need to touch our private body parts to keep us clean and healthy 
    • Parents keeping us clean, doctors during an exam 
  • If someone breaks the touching rule, follow the safety steps 
    • Review of the safety steps 
    • Reiterate the importance of continuing to tell until someone helps 
    • Explain that when someone breaks the touching rule, it is never the child’s fault 
    • Students will learn to never keep secrets about touching 


Students will practice stating the touching rule.

Students will also practice using the safety steps.