Welcome YWCA Young Wonders Parents!

Welcome to the YWCA Young Wonders family! Thank you for trusting your child to us. In our early learning program, we support children from six weeks old to five years old, or entering kindergarten and in youth development, we support children after kindergarten until their twelfth year.

Below you will find links to various documents that will help become familiar with our policies and procedures and help us get to know you better as well. You will need to review each item and submit corresponding paperwork as soon as possible, we must have documents completed before your child(ren) can begin our program(s). When completed, please call the front desk at (309) 662-7826 to schedule a 15- to 30-minute meeting to review the documents, policies, and procedures from the handbook, and answer any questions you may have.

We are dedicated to working closely with our families to ensure individual plans for children are created as needed. Directors of each program are committed to supporting the whole child at home and at school.

In early learning, a few highlights of what is provided include:

  • Structured weekly curriculum (Creative Curriculum Gold/Diversity Curriculum)
  • Developmental checklists/review (seasonally)
  • Family/Teacher conferences (twice per year or as requested)
  • Developmental screenings
  • Access to a mental health consultant
  • Access to an early development specialist
  • Dental/Hearing/Vision screenings
  • Links to community assistance (food pantry, utility support, etc.)
  • On-site bilingual assistance when staff is available
In youth development, a few highlights of what is provided include:
  • Free tutoring in math and reading (Smart Sprouts)
  • Before and after school recreation and games
  • Structured arts and crafts, reading, music, and homework time
We look forward to working with your family and watching your child learn and grow! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the director of either program at any time.
Parent Handbook DCFS Licensing Standards Handbook Fee Structure
Admission Form CACFP Annual Enrollment Formulario de elegibilida
Financial Agreement Electronic Payment Form Consent Form
Enrollment Change Form Confirmation Receipts (Handbook and DCFS) Enrollment Checklist



For information about financial assistance, please contact:
207 W. Jefferson, 3rd Floor, Bloomington, IL 61701
(309) 828-1892 or www.ccrrn.com (click on Parent Services Department)
For questions regarding CCRRN assistance at YWCA Young Wonders, please contact:
Enrollment & Billing Coordinator
(309) 662-7826, ext. 256 or childcarecustomerservice@www.ywcamclean.org



Melissa Breeden
Senior Director
YWCA Young Wonders
(309) 662-7826, ext. 255

Nathina Williams
YWCA Young Wonders Early Learning
(309) 662-7826, ext. 292

Rita Poore
YWCA Young Wonders Youth Development
(309) 662-7826, ext. 274