Humanity Summit

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The Humanity Summit is the big sister of the Racial Justice Summit, an event YWCA hosted for several years. The Humanity Summit will create a space for our community to confront important questions of cultural and systemic oppression (racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, and transphobia), and challenge participants to grow as allies in the struggle for justice. Please join us at this very important summit.

Participant Guide

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What to expect at the Humanity Summit:
  • A community of experts: The Humanity Summit will truly be a community driven conversation. Rather than slate a roster of presenters, we are calling on participants to bring their experiences, ideas, and a spirit of collaboration as we move this important conversation forward.
  • An evolving and shared understanding: Together, we will develop our understanding of oppression and privilege, determine the costs of oppression, create shared principles of being an ally, and commit ourselves to taking meaningful action. 
  • A space for you: Throughout the summit, there will be breakout group sessions specific to the identities that make up our community. A member of the corresponding community will facilitate each breakout group. Breakouts include women/femme (Gender), people of color (race), people with disabilities, trans/gender-queer (gender) and LGBQ (sexual orientation). In addition, there will be a breakout session for participants who don’t identify with any of these groups.


The 2016 Humanity Summit is primarily sponsored by COUNTRY Financial.


For questions about the summit or to become a sponsor, please contact us at (309) 662-0461, ext. 298 or [email protected]