YWCA Labyrinth Outreach Services to Women offers reintegration services to formerly incarcerated women residing in McLean County. The overall vision is to significantly reduce recidivism.

Labyrinth addresses the needs of women released from the Illinois Department of Corrections and McLean County jail who are returning to the community. We help rebuild each woman’s dignity and nurture her growth as she develops the attitudes and skills required for productive, independent living.

What We Do
Upon assessing each woman’s needs, our staff and volunteers provide support and guidance for clients to obtain resources needed to aid them on their new journey. We are a liaison to social service agencies who provide essential services including: state identification, transportation assistance, medical services, education, employment skills, clothing, and personal needs.

Volunteer Opportunities
Mentoring formerly incarcerated women (10-hour training required)
Cleaning/maintenance/yard work at Labyrinth House
Clerical/data entry work (training required)

Mentoring Program

Eligible clients are based with trained community members as additional support to work on personal/career goals, coaching, and personal empowerment. Mentoring includes monthly match events with all members of the program and involves a one-year commitment to the program. To learn more about our mentor program, click here. To apply to be a mentor, click here.

Economic/Employment Services
Classes explore résumé development, interviewing, financial literacy, explaining a criminal record, and uncovering careers that can lead to economic stability and success. Our coaches help clients with job search preparation, how to use personal networks to find employment, preparing for job interviews, and how to utilize soft skills to remain employed, as well as providing education to potential employers and partners.

Labyrinth House
Labyrinth House is a transitional living program for formerly incarcerated McLean County women. Residents live in a shared two bedroom furnished apartment and receive on-site support from residential counselors each evening. Residents have access to economic/employment resources and a counselor/case manager. Residents are able to increase their privilege level over time and can remain for up to two years.

Outreach Case Management/Counseling
All eligible clients meet with our case manager/counselor to complete an intake and determine their personal goals. Services are provided based on an individual level and for as long as they are needed. Outreach services include on-site support groups and skill-building workshops.

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YWCA Labyrinth Outreach Services To Women
616 W. Monroe St. Bloomington, IL 61701
(309) 319-2426

Hilary Pacha 
Senior Director
(309) 662-0461, ext. 271

Betty Tomaski
Job Coach
(309) 212-8929

Vera Traver
Residential Counselor
(309) 319-2426

Alexis Pandelios
Residential Counselor
(309) 319-2426

Annie Rasmussen
Residential Counselor
(309) 319-2426

 Labyrinth co-founder Mary Campbell was featured at TEDx Normal in fall of 2017.