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YWCA McLean County is proud to be NAEYC accredited. NAEYC Accreditation of programs for young children represents the mark of quality in early childhood education.  NAEYC Accreditation began in 1985, with the goal of providing an accrediting system that would raise the level of early childhood programs. NAEYC accredited programs invest in early childhood education because they believe in the benefits to children and families. 

Early childhood experiences—from birth to age 8—have an enormous impact on children’s lifelong learning and positively contribute to their health and development.  Early childhood education programs with the mark of quality benefit children with greater readiness for and success in school.  

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Full- and Part-Time Child Care
Year-round child care is provided at YWCA on 1201 N. Hershey Road, Bloomington. YWCA full-Time Child Care designs activities to nurture the children’s intellectual, social, and emotional development. Children learn through play activities and centers, using The Creative Curriculum®. All programs are licensed by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. All ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds are welcome.

YWCA offers child care for before or after school times with the option for full-day care when schools are closed. Convenience for the parents and activities for the children are key to YWCA School-Age Programs. Kids have many fun choices including recreation and games, arts and crafts, reading, music, homework time. They also have "free time” to pursue their own interests in a safe and comfortable environment.
Kids fill their summer with fun at the YWCA with activities that include science, arts and crafts, cooking projects, games and physical activities, weekly field trips, and swimming.

Traveling Teachers Program

Have our professional, qualified Young Wonders teachers come to your home and provide in-home teaching to your children! Our teachers will help with socialization without bringing your child to a child care center, bring enriched curriculum to help your child excel in your home, provide assessments on readiness for Kindergarten, bring learn-by-play activities to your home, and much more! 


YWCA offers a 10% discount to the following organizations/groups:
  • Any military branch (active duty or retired)
  • AFNI
  • Moms of Multiples
  • State Farm
  • OSF HealthCare
  • Westminster Village

 To receive the discount, qualified member must live in the household with the child, identification will be required at registration.



Classroom Menus

Breakfast and/or Snack Menu
Toddlers and Twos
(week of February 5 to week of March 5)
Preschool Hershey Road
(week of February 5 to week of March 5)

(week of January 22 to week of February 19)

Lunch Menu
Toddlers and Twos
(week of February 12 to week of March 12)
(week of February 12 to week of March 12)
(week of February 12 to week of March 12)

Contact Us  

Melissa Breeden
Senior Director, Young Wonders
(309) 662-7826, ext. 255
Nathina Williams
Director of Early Learning
(309) 662-7826, ext. 292
Colleen Luckey
Enrollment and Billing Coordinator
(309) 662-7826, ext. 256
Rita Poore        
Director of Youth Development
(309) 662-7826, ext. 274
Dianna Jacobs
Youth Development Program Specialist
(309) 662-7826 ext 273
Rachel Howard
Youth Development Program Specialist/Smart Sprouts Coordinator

(309) 662-0461 ext 312


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The Child Care Resource and Referral Network administers the Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program. The child care assistance program serves all working families with incomes that meet the income guidelines and/or that are in an approved education or training program. Families can get help paying for child care services if a child (children) is under age 13.

For assistance, please contact the Child Resource & Referral Network at 207 W. Jefferson St. Suite 301, Bloomington, IL 61701 or (309) 828-1892.