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We are on a mission to help you stay safe and independent in your own home.
YWCA McLean County helps adults over the age of 18 maintain an independent lifestyle. For adult children of ailing parents, Home Care Services can be the answer for those juggling caring for their parents, their own family, and their job. YWCA HCS serves all of McLean County, including all outlying smaller towns!

A private pay option has been implemented to serve many during such a frustrating time in Illinois government. Adults may pay for services directly rather than through private health insurance.

Financial assistance may also be available to individuals 60 years and older who meet specific criteria. We are licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Trained home care aides can provide any of these services for you or your loved ones:

· Caretaker Respite

· Companionship

· Housekeeping

· Laundry

· Meal Preparation

· Medication Reminders

· Personal Care

· Transportation/Errands (medical appointments, grocery shopping, etc.)

· Other Services as Requested

Services can be provided on a long-term or short-term basis:

· Let us help you recover from surgery! We can help take the worry out of your recovery with aid in traveling to and from doctor’s appointments as well as grocery shopping or meal preparation.

· If you need help on a long-term basis, we can help with that too! Whether it’s once a week respite care to give daily caregivers a break or every day to ensure a healthy meal is cooked.

As the senior citizen age group continues to grow so will the demand for in-home care services. Seniors feel more independent and comfortable in the familiar surroundings of their own homes. Home services is a great alternative for the senior citizen who prefers an independent lifestyle to a nursing home.
YWCA knows that longevity is increased for a person who can live in their own home rather than somewhere else and the value of independence cannot be overlooked.

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Meet Home Care Aide Chris Haze


Chris Haze has spent a long time in the business of people. Prior to working for YWCA McLean County’s Home Care Services, Chris worked at OSF St. Francis in patient registration, billing, and lab processing as a CNA.

“CNA work is hard to continue as you get older. I like this work more because it’s more personal, you’re not locked in to one client and I learn more about variety in people. After all, America is a variety of people. I develop a rapport with them, tell stories, etc.,” says Haze.

Through Home Care Services, Haze cleans houses, does laundry, reminds residents to take medication and fills various needs. Haze has been serving the same people for four years. Haze, 62, feels he has a lot in common with his clients, so he goes the extra mile to stay and chat with the people he serves.

“A lot of the older people are easy to talk to; you learn things about their lives like where they are from, what they have done and their family [situation]. For example, I have a ‘cat lady’ client, who enjoys feeding the animals. She has a way with animals.”

Haze makes important connections with the elderly in our community: he takes the time to listen to them, get to know them, and provide them meaningful relationships.

The mission of Home Care Services is to keep residents of McLean County living as independently as possible even when they need a little help. Home Care Services is also a great resource for anyone over the age of 18 who may need assistance around the home—not just the elderly. Whether it’s a temporary arrangement (in the case of injury or surgery recovery) or something more long term, YWCA Home Care Services extends a helping hand to anyone who needs it.

An issue that is often faced by the elderly in need is the absence of a caretaker; some people may not have children who are capable of helping them with their daily activities and needs. Without proper in-home care, people are often moved to assisted living communities or nursing homes—an expensive solution that can be upsetting if it’s against someone’s will.

“Even the nicest one is still not your home. Cat lady, she probably couldn’t have her own animals. It would make her very lonely. She has friends, but no family,” says Haze.

For those with no family or just seeking to make new friends, the Home Care staff becomes vital to socialization.

“Often I am the only one who sees them. I let them know if there is something going on in the building—parties and potlucks so they can be social. I am the link to the community that they need. It is a good feeling knowing I’ve made a difference in their lives,” says Haze.

Companionship can be one of the biggest services a community member provides. The entire staff of YWCA’s Home Care Services, Chris Haze included, will continue to meet the needs of residents across McLean County, with a helping hand and a friendly face.

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