YWCA McLean County Administrative Staff

 YWCA, CEO, McLean YWCA, VP Operations, McLean

D. Dontae Latson

Liz German
Vice President of Operations



 Vicki Hightower, Adult Services, Seniors, YWCA, Home Care, Transportation, RSVP, McLean CountyHilary Pacha, Stepping Stones, YWCA, rape crisis, ICASA, hotline, sexual assault

Vicki Hightower
Senior Director, Adult Services        
Hilary Pacha
Senior Director, Prevention & Empowerment Services


Kara Alt
Director, Client Services, Stepping Stones
Melissa Breeden
Senior Director, Young Wonders
 Jenn Carrillo
Director, Mission Impact



Gabe Cripe
Director, Community Outreach, Stepping Stones
Christy Germanis
Director, Marketing and Public Relations
Gena Glover
Director, Philanthropy


Rita Poore
Director, Young Wonders Youth Development
Nathina Williams
Director, Young Wonders Early Learning
Perry Mayer
Director, Building Operations